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Adjustable Men Women Posture Belt (For Office Home Gym)

Adjustable Men Women Posture Belt (For Office Home Gym)

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 Are you sick of slouching?

Is back pain from slouching, working long days sitting at a desk, or even playing with your kids on the floor a part of your daily life?

✅ Proven to increase posture overtime

✅ Relieve Back Pain

✅ Instantly Improve Posture

✅  Patented Design

✅ Adjustable

Back support: This posture brace focuses on providing complete back support. Practical assistance and strong support to relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by poor posture.

Adjustable: The waist belt can be adjusted to support the upper and lower back, making it easy to wear.

Function: kyphosis, poor posture, kyphosis, spine curvature, thoracic surgery kyphosis, thoracic disc herniation, clavicle fracture, spinal dislocation, round shoulders.

Breathable material: Lightweight and soft fabrics provide comfortable posture support and huge back tension for the shoulders.

✅ Our proprietary orthopedic design is professionally created to correct posture in the most comfortable way possible for waist sizes 24-46 inches. (See above for full size chart)


1. Can I Wear It When Exercising? 

Yes! Wearing a posture corrector during exercise helps teach your body the proper form it should be in. Therefore, helping you activate the proper muscles and reducing the chance of injury due to improper form. 

2. Can It Help Reduce Pain From A Herniated Disc?

It is possible that wearing a posture corrector can help alleviate pain from a herniated disc. When you improve your posture, it reduces extra pressure put on the spinal discs. 

3. How Long Should I Wear It?

Start by wearing for 20-to-30 minutes at a time to allow your body to adjust. Only increase usage as it becomes more comfortable for you making your way up to 2 hours a day and no longer than 6 hours a day.



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